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Bacophy Height Increase Elastic Shock Absorption Sports Insoles for Men and Women, Replacement Breathable Honeycomb Cushioning Soft Shoe Lifts

Bacophy Height增加弹性减震运动鞋垫男女,更换透气蜂窝缓冲软鞋升降机

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SUPER SHOCK ABSORPTION: Bacophy Height Increasing Insoles are made of strong resilien EVA material, which provide firm support and cushioning. It is suitable for long distances activities or high-intensity exercise. Furthermore, designers specially designed unique honeycomb on insoles which can fully absorb shock and balance the force structure of the foot. It can effectively relieve and prevent common sports injuries.

SUPERIOR BREATHABLE FABRIC: The surface of the insole is a layer of premium breathable fabric, which has the functions of ordor removal, sweat absorption and ventilation. This means that can help your feet away from sultry, provide a better bacteriostatic effect, keep your feet fresh even in summer by absorbing the moisure from your feet. Furthermore, the fabric also has non-slip performance to hold the insole securely in place all day.

HEEL CUP DESIGN: Bacophy insoles are designed with a shallow U-shaped heel cup. It helps to evenly distribute your feet pressure and realign your skeletal system to protect your heel during severe impact of landing. In other words, it can lend extra support and stability while walking or running, and prevents sliding and friction during high impact and long distances activities.

ORTHER BENEFITS: Bacophy shoe lifts have good cushioning effect for reducing impact on joints and muscles. And these insoles are super lightweight and soft, perfect for improving athletic performance and relieve feet fatigue or pain during physical activity.

FIT FOR MOST FOOTWEAR: Bacophy shoe lifts perfect for many types of shoes, whether dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, boots, street shoes or flats. Besides, insoles are suitable for most of sizes and there are two heights you can choose, both men and women are suitable.

超强减震:盲币高度延长鞋垫采用强大的Resilien EVA材料制成,可提供坚定的支持和缓冲。它适用于长距离活动或高强度运动。此外,设计人员专门设计的独特蜂窝鞋垫,可以充分吸收震动和平衡脚的力结构。它可以有效缓解和防止共同的运动损伤。【····较高的透气织物:鞋垫的表面是一层优质透气织物,具有序列拆除,汗水吸收和通风的功能。这意味着可以帮助你的脚远离闷热,提供更好的抑菌效果,即使在夏天也可以通过从你的脚上吸收摩苏,让你的脚保持清新。此外,该织物还具有防滑性能,可以全天牢固地固定鞋垫。【·····脚跟杯设计:Bacophy Insoles采用浅U形鞋跟杯设计。它有助于均匀地分配脚部压力,并重新调整骨架系统,以保护您的鞋跟在着陆的着陆时。换句话说,它可以在步行或跑步时借出额外的支持和稳定性,并防止在高冲击和长距离活动期间的滑动和摩擦。【········替代:Bacophy Shoe Levts对关节和肌肉的影响有良好的缓冲效果。这些鞋垫是超级轻巧和柔软的,适合改善运动性能并在体育活动中缓解脚疲劳或疼痛。·····施用大多数鞋子:冰阴极鞋升降机适用于多种类型的鞋子,无论是礼服鞋,休闲鞋,休闲鞋,运动鞋,靴子,街头鞋或公寓。此外,鞋垫适用于大多数尺寸,并且有两个高度可以选择,男女都是合适的。


These newly designed Insoles have perfect contoured, firm support, heel cup design and breathable fabric, which ensure your feet get the best tender care they deserve anytime and make your feet feel like walking on clouds!. The height choices of 1.5cm or 2.5cm can not only increase your height, but also make you more visible in the crowd, enhance your self-confidence, and let you face every day life happily. Perfect for jogging, running, climbing, basketball, football, cycling, golf, tennis, camping etc. 1. Remove the current insoles from your shoes. 2. Place new insoles with your current insoles back to back. 3. Trim along the bottom contour of the new insole to match the size of your current proper insole. 4. Insert the new Insoles into your shoes (do not put both the new insoles and the original one in the shoes at the same time as it would be too thick and wide). 1. Keep your shoes dry. 2. Put the insoles in a ventilating place to keep them dry and fresh. 3. High temperature exposure is strictly prohibited. 4. Doctors highly recommend that the insoles should be replaced every 3 months to promote healthy feet. We offer 100% no risk money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason. Just tell us and we will do our best to give you the most satisfactory solution. Please check our Bacophy storefront for more deals that are awaiting you!

这些新设计的鞋垫具有完善的轮廓,坚实的支持,鞋跟杯设计和透气织物,确保您的脚获得了他们随时获得最佳温柔的护理,让您的脚感觉像云散步! 1.5cm或2.5cm的高度选择不仅可以增加你的身高,而且也让你在人群中更明显,提高你的自信心,让你愉快地面对每一天的生活。适合慢跑,跑步,攀岩,篮球,足球,骑自行车,高尔夫球,网球,露营等1. 1.从鞋子上取下当前的鞋垫。 2.将目前的鞋垫放回后退的新鞋垫。 3.沿新鞋底底部的底部轮廓修剪,以匹配当前正确的鞋垫的大小。 4.将新鞋垫插入鞋子(不要在鞋子中同时在鞋子中置于鞋子中,因为它太厚而宽)。 1.让你的鞋子干燥。 2.将鞋垫放入通风地方以保持干燥和新鲜。 3.严格禁止高温暴露。 4.医生强烈建议鞋垫每3个月替换一次以促进健康的脚。如果您因任何原因对您的购买不满意,我们提供100%的风险退款保证。告诉我们,我们会尽力为您提供最满意的解决方案。请查看我们的Bacophy StoreFront,了解等待您的更多优惠!

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Bacophy Height增加弹性减震运动鞋垫男女,更换透气蜂窝缓冲软鞋升降机
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