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卖家Ohuhu Direct
上架时间May 15, 2020
Heat Transfer Vinyl, Ohuhu 42 Pack Sheets Iron on Vinyl, 20 Assorted Colors HTV Vinyls Heat Transfer Vinyl for DIY Iron on Fabrics T-Shirts Hats Leathers with Heat Press Machine Craft Christmas DIY

热转印乙烯基,OHUHU 42包铁乙烯基,20种分类颜色HTV乙烯基热转移乙烯基用于DIY铁上的织物T恤帽子皮革热压机械手工情人节DIY

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42 SHEETS WITH 20 STUNNING COLORS: It's time to get colorful! Put your thinking cap on and get creative with this 42 pack of HTV decal sheets (including 3 white, 3 black, and 2 for yellow, red, sapphire blue, green, orange, soil golden, sky blue, golden, silver, gray, pink, lake blue, light orange, purple, rose red, dark green, navy blue, and fruit green). The options are endless!

WIDE APPLICATIONS: There's no better way to add variety and personalization to your belongings than with these vinyl decals, which can be applied to clothes, shoes, hats, bags, and cases as well as various types of textiles, leathers, non-woven fabrics, Oxford cloth etc. Use patterns and different colors to add extra spice to your life!

EASY TO USE, GREAT FOR CHRISTMAS DIY: All you need to do to start applying these vinyl decal sheets is to use your Craft Cutter Machine cutting device. Then set the cutting depth of the machine, remove the extra parts and transfer the image to the surface of your choice. Finally, heat it with a heat press or iron (apply pressure at 300℉-320℉(150℃-160℃) for 10-15 seconds), remove the protective film, and voila! Note: Wait for 24 hours before the first wash.

SAFE FOR YOU AND THE PLANET: You can rest easy knowing that this product is made of SGS certified heat transfer vinyl sheets. Slightly elastic for easiest application, they measure 12"x10" which is an ideal size to for customizing clothing, shoes and more. Plus, it's safe and comfortable to wear, doesn't get kink marks when you fold it, and makes a fantastic present for family or friends for any occasion!

LONG-LASTING AND MACHINE WASHABLE: It's a bummer when you put your artwork on a shirt and it begins to fade or peel. Luckily, these Ohuhu adhesive vinyl sheets adhere well to almost any surface and won't get worn down even after numerous wash cycles. Note: Wait 24 hours before the first wash. Our home laundry test: 40 Celsius degrees, washed more than 50 times, 30 min/time.



You can go to the store and buy what everyone else is wearing, or you could get creative and show the world your creativity with the Ohuhu 42-Pack Heat Transfer Vinyl Decal Sheets. They come in 20 brilliant colors, can be cut into any shape, and easily adhere and stick to all sorts of surfaces such as textiles, leathers, non-woven fabrics, Oxford cloth etc. They’re a great choice for weddings, birthday parties, bachelorette/bachelor parties, or for just wearing for the fun of it!

您可以去商店购买其他人都穿着什么,或者您可以创造创意,并与Ohuhu 42-Pack传热乙烯基贴花贴花的创造力。它们以20种辉煌的颜色分成任何形状,易于粘附并坚持各种表面,如纺织品,皮革,无纺布,牛津布等。它们是婚礼,生日派对的伟大选择,单身汉/学士派对,或者只是为了它的乐趣!

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热转印乙烯基,OHUHU 42包铁乙烯基,20种分类颜色HTV乙烯基热转移乙烯基用于DIY铁上的织物T恤帽子皮革热压机械手工情人节DIY
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