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品牌Elite Platinum
上架时间November 12, 2020
Elite Gourmet EAF1121 Personal 1.1 Qt. Compact Space Saving Electric Hot Air Fryer Oil-Less Healthy Cooker, Timer & Temperature Controls, PFOA/PTFE Free, 1000W

Elite Gourmet EAF1121个人1.1 Qt。紧凑型节省空间电热空气油炸锅油较少的健康炊具,定时器温度控制,PFOA / PTFE免费,1000W

Elite Platinum
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Price: $39.99
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PERSONAL CAPACITY: The PFOA/PTFE free non-stick basket holds 1.1 Qt or up to 0.75-lb of food, perfect for single serving meals. Cook faster and more safely than in oil, eliminating splatter burns and reducing electricity use.

HEALTHY EATING by cooking with 85% less oil for fat-free delicious meals. Same flavor and crispy finish without the added calories! Simply add food to the basket, add a tbsp of oil if desired, set temp/time, and start cooking!

ADJUSTABLE TIME AND TEMPERATURE dials give you the ultimate in cooking control and versatility allowing you to fry, bake, grill and roast all in one! A high-power convection fan envelopes food in temperatures from 176 to 395F degrees and a 30-minute timer automatically shuts off the elite platinum air fryer at the end of the cooking cycle.

GUILT-FREE FRYING lets you enjoy crispy veggie chips, fish fillets, chicken tenders and more without fatty oils. Includes a full-color booklet featuring 26 delicious and healthy recipes to get you started.

COOL-TOUCH HANDLE lets you safely remove fried foods from the air fryer without burning your hands. The exterior of the Elite Gourmet air fryer retains its pristine condition with just a damp cloth.

ETL APPROVED 1000-watt/120V Air fryer ideal for home kitchen use. Dishwasher safe removable PFOA/PTFE free non-stick Coated fryer pan and rack for fast, easy clean-up.

1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY and US-BASED Customer Support Team lets you buy with confidence. Maxi-Matic has been providing quality products for over 35 years, send us a message or call our Toll-Free number in the instruction manual and a Support Team member will respond within 1 business day.

个人能力:PFOA / PTFE免费不粘篮持有1.1 QT或高达0.75磅的食物,适用于单份餐点。烹饪比石油更快,更安全,消除飞溅燃烧,减少电力使用。|| 通过烹饪饮食健康饮食,含有85%的油,可用于无脂肪美味饭菜。没有添加卡路里的同样的风味和脆皮饰面!只需将食物添加到篮子里,如果需要,请添加一个TBSP的油,设置Temp / Time,并开始烹饪!|| 可调节的时间和温度表盘为您提供最终的烹饪控制和多功能性,让您炸,烘烤,烤架和烘烤一致!高功率对流风扇在176到395F度的温度下封闭食物,并在烹饪周期结束时自动关闭精英铂空气油炸锅。|| 无罪免费煎炸让您享受酥脆的素食芯片,鱼片,鸡肉招标,而且没有脂肪油。包括一个带有26个美味和健康食谱的全彩色小册子,可以让您入门。|| 冷却手柄让您可以安全地从空气炸锅中删除油炸食品,而不会烧手。精英美食空气油炸锅的外部保持其原始状态,只需湿布。|| ETL批准了1000瓦/ 120V空气油炸锅,非常适合家用厨房使用。洗碗机安全可拆卸PFOA / PTFE免费不粘涂层油炸锅和架快速,轻松清理。|| 1年有限保修和基于美国的客户支持团队让您充满信心地购买。 Maxi-Matic一直在提供35年以上的优质产品,向我们发送消息或致电我们的免费电话号码在使用说明书中,支持团队成员将在1个工作日内回复。


The Elite Gourmet Oil-Free Air Fryer has a variety of functions to achieve a wide array of cooking tasks. With its easy to use Adjustable 30-minute Timer and Temperature control knobs, you can fry, cook, or even bake your favorite meals and snacks with ease! Not only can you cook foods without the mess of greasy oil but you can cook faster which saves you time and energy, no Preheating is necessary. Unlike most conventional deep fryers, the Oil-Free Air Fryer's unique vapor system combined with circulating hot air will automatically make your foods crispier and most of all healthier without the unnecessary fat and oil. Its personal sized 1-quart capacity and flat basket gives you the ability to cook for an individual or simply to reheat food. No need to reheat soggy leftovers by using the microwave! Clean up is also cinch, all removable non-stick parts and accessories are dishwasher safe! Included with your purchase is also our full color recipe booklet for appetizers, entrees and desserts!


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Elite Gourmet EAF1121个人1.1 Qt。紧凑型节省空间电热空气油炸锅油较少的健康炊具,定时器温度控制,PFOA / PTFE免费,1000W
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