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上架时间December 7, 2020
kiniza 8 Pack USB C Anti Dust Plugs, Type C Port Plug Dust Caps Anti-Dust Pluggy for Type C Devices As Samsung/OnePlus/Micro USB Android Models Includes 3.5 mm Earphone Plug(Black, Gold, Red, Silver)

Kiniza 8 Pack抗尘插头帽设置兼容C型充电端口和耳机插孔,USB C的防尘插板为三星Galaxy Note / HTC + / Oneplus(黑色,金,红色,银色)

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Package Information: You will receive 4 pieces Type C anti-dust plugs and 4 pieces 3.5 mm earphone plugs for all type C devices in black, gold, silver and red, adequate enough for you to protect your phone or share with your friends and families. Besides, each of our plug is in a clear box, which is convenient for you to store when not in use.

Simple Protection: Our anti-dust plug for type c can protect your cell phone from liquid, sand, dust, grime and pocket lint, preventing bad internal connections and keeping the charging port clean and safe. It's never been easier to protect the ports of your favorite smart device quickly and effectively.

Premium Material: Our type C dust plug is made of premium aluminium and silicone material, which are lightweight, shock-resistant and durable for you to use. Besides, it can be use together without remove phone case, precisely making it fit into the charging port of your phone perfectly and stay in place firmly.

Delicate Design: With a smaller and sleeker head, our anti-dust cap adopts a flat design which makes the plugs merge formally with the equipment. The 3.5mm earphone plugs are not only used as anti-dust plugs, but also can used as a SIM card tray eject pin for replacing SIM card. Besides, it beautifully bounces off light and is available in a range of stunning colors to match your device.

Wide Application: Our anti-dust caps are designed specifically for USB-C ports, which is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, S21 Ultra, Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, Note 10, S10, S9, S8, Google Pixel 4, 4XL, 3, 3XL, 2, 2XL, LG, One Plus 9 Pro, 9, Nord, 8T, 8 Pro, 7T Pro, 7T, 7 Pro, 7, 6T, Huawei P40 Pro, P40, P30 Pro, P30, P20 Pro, Mate 30 Pro, Mate 20 Pro, MacBook Pro, Laptops, or any device with a standard USB-C port.

包装信息:您将收到4件C型防尘塞和4件3.5毫米耳机插头,用于黑色,金,银色和红色的所有C型器件,足够足以保护您的手机或与您的朋友和家庭分享。此外,我们的每一个插头都在一个清晰的盒子里,方便您在不使用时存放。【】实用功能:C型防尘插头可以保护您的手机免受液体,沙,灰尘,牛奶和口袋棉绒,保持充电口清洁和安全。保护您最喜爱的智能设备的港口快速有效地保护您最喜欢的智能设备。【】】优质材料:我们的C型防尘塞由优质铝和硅胶材料制成,可轻巧,抗冲击和耐用供您使用。此外,它可以在没有删除手机外壳的情况下一起使用,精确地使其完美地装入手机的充电口,并坚定地保持牢固。【····【】设计较小,防尘帽采用平面设计,使插头与设备正式合并。 3.5毫米耳机插头不仅用作C型智能手机3.5mm耳机插孔的防尘塞,而且用作用于更换SIM卡的SIM卡托盘弹出销。【】应用范围:我们的防尘帽适用于C型器件,兼容三星Galaxy S21 / S21加/ S21超/注20 /注20超/ Z折叠2 / S20 / S20 Plus / S20超/注10 Plus / Note 10 / A8S / A80 / A60,OnePlus Nord / 8T / 8 Pro / 8 / 7T Pro / 7T / 7 Pro / 7 / 6T,Google Pixel 4XL / 4 / 3xL / 3 / 2xL / 2,HTC U12 + / U11 + / U11 / U超级,华为P40 Pro / P40 / P30 Pro / Mate 30 Pro / Mate 20 Pro / P20 Pro等


Weight: 27 g Material: Aluminum Color: Black, Silver, Gold, Red 1. Our dust plugs for smartphone are designed to protect the your usb-c port against bad internal connections. 2. With the delicate workmanship, our dust plug protector is an excellent choice for you to send to your friends or families as an ideal gift. 3. Whether you use a standard or wireless charger, you will never have to worry about metal dust plugs shorting out your phone or damaging the battery. 4. You can easily insert and remove these dust plugs for cell phones. The smooth external surface makes them stay firmly in your device at all times and don’t get pulled out easily. 4 * Earphone Jack Plugs 4 * Type C Anti Dust Plugs

重量:27克材料:铝制颜色:黑色,银色,金,红色1.我们的智能手机的灰尘插头旨在保护您的USB-C端口免受不良内部连接。 2.通过精致的工艺,我们的尘埃插头保护器是您作为理想礼物送到您的朋友或家庭的绝佳选择。 3.您可以轻松插入和卸下这些灰尘插头的手机。光滑的外表面使它们始终牢固地保持在您的设备中,并且不会轻易拔出。 4 *耳机插座插头4 * C型抗粉尘插头

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Kiniza 8 Pack抗尘插头帽设置兼容C型充电端口和耳机插孔,USB C的防尘插板为三星Galaxy Note / HTC + / Oneplus(黑色,金,红色,银色)
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